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Commission Info About Me

Commission Info (WIP)

Hello ! Here you can find info about my commissions <3

Currently it's still kind of a WIP as I don't have recent examples for some categories (such as my fully rendered style), so for the most part what you'll see here is just sketch commissions.

Sketch Headshot - $12

Sketch Bust - $20

Let me know whether you'd like me to use the Darker Pencil brush (first example) or the Design Brush (second example) for your commission ! ^q^

Will Draw:

  • Humans
  • Humanoids
  • Anthros/Furries
  • Any gender
  • Couples (MxM, MxF, FxF, etc)

Won't Draw:

  • Ferals/Animals by themselves
  • Mecha/very detailed designs/armor
  • Anything depicting racism, homophobia, pedophilia, transphobia, etc
  • NSFW/R18/Fetishes/Kinks (I'm a minor!)

General Rules:

  • Payment is via PayPal USD only
  • Payment should be sent before I start working on a commission
  • WIPs can be requested at any stage (I usually only send one once I have the sketch, but WIPs at other stages such as coloring can also be requested ^^)
  • Please do not rush me! I will try to get your commission done as soon as I can <3
  • If you have any questions don't be afraid to shoot me a message!

Feel free to send me a message through discord (cy-chin#4145) or to my commission email ( if interested in a commission ! <3